GoMo Game Changing 5G Services In Ireland

In a monumental stride towards revolutionizing the telecommunications landscape, GoMo, the renowned Irish mobile services provider under the Eir umbrella, has announced a groundbreaking offer for its customers. Effective from 28th February, GoMo is set to unveil a game changing 5G service, marking a significant leap forward in the realm of mobile connectivity.

The All-Encompassing €14.99 Monthly Plan

For tech-savvy consumers seeking high-speed data, crystal-clear calls, and seamless texting, GoMo has your back. The €14.99 monthly plan will now include the coveted 5G data package, in addition to all-encompassing call and text services. This offer sets a new industry standard, ensuring that subscribers have access to the latest in mobile technology without breaking the bank.

GoMo Ireland

An Expansive 5G Network

GoMo’s 5G network is poised to blanket more than 530 towns and cities across the Emerald Isle. This expansive coverage guarantees that subscribers can enjoy lightning-fast 5G speeds in various urban and rural settings. Furthermore, GoMo prides itself on its wide-reaching 4G network, which boasts an impressive 99% population coverage across Ireland. This extensive coverage ensures that GoMo users remain connected and enjoy blazing-fast speeds wherever they go.

Fulfilling the Long-Awaited Promise

Since its inception in 2019, GoMo has captured the attention and enthusiasm of mobile users across Ireland. Many eagerly awaited the announcement of 5G services, a desire that was seemingly dashed in 2020 when Eir CEO Carolan Lennon excluded GoMo from the national 5G rollout. However, GoMo is back with a vengeance, surpassing expectations and ushering in a new era of mobile connectivity.

The Price Guarantee

In a bold move, GoMo has declared that customers on the €14.99 monthly plan will have their price “guaranteed for life.” This commitment to price stability reflects GoMo’s dedication to providing unbeatable value. GoMo’s mission is clear: to disrupt Ireland’s mobile industry and offer what it believes to be the ultimate 5G plan in the market.

Speeding Up Your Digital Experience

With the introduction of 5G speeds, GoMo customers can now indulge in a more exhilarating digital experience. Whether it’s streaming high-definition video, downloading the latest apps, or catching up on your favorite shows, GoMo’s 5G connectivity ensures a faster, more reliable connection than ever before. This quantum leap in speed and reliability is set to redefine the way we use our mobile devices.


GoMo understands that freedom and flexibility are paramount for modern consumers. To cater to these needs, GoMo has designed its services around 30-day rolling contracts. This approach empowers subscribers to tailor their mobile plans to their evolving requirements, guaranteeing utmost flexibility.


For existing customers on the €9.99 and €12.99 monthly plans, the prospect of accessing 5G speeds is just a simple upgrade away. This expansion of the 5G service’s availability ensures that all GoMo subscribers can access the latest in mobile technology.

The GoMoWorld App: A Global Game-Changer

GoMo’s commitment to customer convenience extends beyond the Irish borders. In a recent move, GoMo launched the GoMoWorld app, a lifesaver for Irish tourists traveling outside the EU. This innovative app enables Irish customers to utilize their virtual eSIM, a feature present in most modern smartphones, to connect to networks in 160 countries worldwide, including the United States, Canada, and Australia. With this app, exorbitant roaming charges are a thing of the past.

A Widespread 5G Boost

The Irish 5G landscape received a momentous boost when major players, including Eir, Vodafone, and Three, each invested more than €140 million in key spectrum bands. This significant investment promises to catalyze the nationwide rollout of 5G services, setting the stage for a transformative digital future in Ireland.

In conclusion, GoMo’s groundbreaking 5G services represent a paradigm shift in mobile connectivity in Ireland. The combination of extensive coverage, unbeatable value, and blistering speeds positions GoMo as a frontrunner in the 5G revolution. With its unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and innovation, GoMo is poised to change the way we experience mobile technology in Ireland and beyond.

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